Nativity Bench Pillow

Nativity Bench Pillow # KD5127


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Celebrate the season with Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow made in an embroidery hoop! The holy family is safely ensconced in an applique stable in an applique stable, while Fairy Lights twinkle in the starry night sky. Shepherds and wise men are coming to greet them, a shimmering Mylar star and angel guiding their way! Create your pillow in 5×7 (or larger) hoops, then slip our 16 x 38” Pillow Insert through the zippered enclosure. With swaying palm trees, Applique Glitter sand, Flexi Foam animals, and “Joy to the World” sentiment, Kimberbell’s Nativity Bench Pillow is a peaceful reminder that all is calm and all is bright. CD Pattern Finished Size: 16in x 38in Final Product: Home Decor - Includes Pillows Technique Used: Machine Embroidery Skill Level: Beginner Niche Item Not in Chains Made in USA Icon Made in USA

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