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Floriani Wet N Gone Fusible - The Sewing Gallery

Floriani Wet N Gone Fusible

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RNK Floriani
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Floriani Wet N Gone Fusible FWGF1210 This unique product is a fibrous water soluble stabilizer but also has a light fusible coating which aids in hooping and fabric control. The water soluble base does a beautiful job of supporting dense embroidery designs on fabrics where complete stabilizer removal is desired. Its clean rinse capability makes it the best choice when using it with delicate fibers such as yarn scarves or English netting. Also use for sheer fabrics such as organdy, organza, lame, sheer silks and more to establish a solid type fabric that is easier to hoop and embroider. Once the embroidery is complete, all the stabilizer rinses away and will not shadow through.