The Joy of Row by Row!

Hey, quilty friends - it’s summertime at The Sewing Gallery! And that means it’s time for the Row by Row Experience!

Row by Row is a summer long shop hop that quilt shops across the country participate in – and even international shops, too. Each shop creates their own unique quilt pattern for a single row that when finished will measure 9 x 36 inches. If you visit shops in person, you can get the pattern for free – OR – you can buy a kit with pretty fabrics to make the shop’s row. Kits are also available online. Each year there is a different theme to the rows. This year the theme is Summertime.

But you might be thinking, “What do I do with a row?” Well, you collect multiple rows from different shops and then put them together into a row quilt. Each year, every shop will give out a prize to the first person who brings in a finished quilt using at least 8 rows from 8 shops. Everyone’s quilts will be different depending on which shops they go to. It’s great fun if you are traveling this summer and stop at quilt shops along the way. You can also add a border to one row to turn it into a summer-themed table runner. Not travelling this summer? You can enjoy a virtual shop hop by visiting shops online and ordering the row kits that you like the best.

Our row is a string of pretty pinwheels in picnic inspired prints like gingham, polka dots and cherries in sunny summer colors. These blocks use basic piecing and a simple fabric folding technique to make the curves. Our kit includes flower button embellishments for the pin at the center of each pinwheel. Directions are written for beginners with detailed instructions. This row is made with four blocks assembled into a row and the pattern gives you the option of putting them into a large square instead – add a border and you have a fun table topper! I designed the row with pinwheels because I always loved them when I was a kid. It was a sign of summer when they would show up in stores – always in wonderful colors. Whenever we would picnic outside or at a park, I’d run around with one in hand making it twirl in the breeze.

Row by Row begins June 1st, but you can pre-order our row kit online now. And pre-order the Row by Row License plate too! 

If you would like more information, visit the Row by Row website at

Enjoy the fun collecting rows and making a unique quilt of summertime memories!

Happy Quilting!
--Victoria Hansel-Kuehn
Flabby Tabby Designs