Staff Pick Week at The Sewing Gallery

Last week we introduced The Sewing Gallery Staff Pick Showcase. This week, let's checkout the finished projects. As a special thanks for visiting, enjoy 30% off each featured fabric collection online from now till Sunday, July 24, 2022! Scroll down to view projects and featured fabric collections.

Jill's Pick: Midnight in the Garden by Sweetfire Road for Moda Fabrics 

"The Midnight in the Garden fabric collection was one that I might not have considered until I found just the right pattern – Feather Bed. This pattern showcases fabric so that you can see the beautiful prints in large squares. I especially love the apple print from Midnight in the Garden, as it makes me think of Snow White. My usual quilts tend to be conservative, but this bold and gorgeous collection made me want to step outside of my comfort zone – and I love the result! It’s also an incredibly easy pattern, so I hope you try it."

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Lorrie's Pick: Sister Bay by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics 

"I chose my fabric from the Sister Bay collection designed by 3 Sisters. This collection features an elegant palette of blue, teal, cream, and tan. I just love it! The colors and the quality of the Moda fabric is what first drew me to Sister Bay. Another reason I chose this collection was that I needed 14 different fabrics for the pattern and quilt size I chose – a king! It is 101 x 118 inches. With the Sister Bay collection, I knew that all 14 fabrics I chose would coordinate and look amazing together. The pattern is called Passion for Purple from the book French Braid Quilts by Jane Hardy Miller and Arlene Netten, although for me it was a passion for blues. The French braid design turned out beautifully!"

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Betsy's Pick: Petal Power by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda Fabrics 

"The Petal Power fabric collection by Me & My Sister Designs is filled with happy, bright colors that make me smile when I look at them. Sometimes it’s good to work with fabric that just brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good. This is what Petal Power does for me. The pattern I used for my quilt is called Wandering Way from the book Quilts in a Jiffy 3-Yard Quilts by Donna Robertson. You only need three fabrics, one yard each, in a light, medium, and dark. It makes a fun lap quilt! I love this book because the instructions are easy to follow. I highly recommend it."

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Christie's Pick: Freedom Road by Kansas Troubles for Moda Fabrics 

"For me I chose the Freedom Road collection by Kansas Troubles. The fabric has a timeless and classic quality that never goes out of style. It has a lovely traditional country feel. I also chose this line to express my love of country. Just like Betsy, I chose a pattern from the book Quilts in a Jiffy 3-Yard Quilts by Donna Robertson. It’s such a great book with wonderful instructions. The pattern I used is called Oh My Stars! I thought it worked well with my patriotic fabric and it went together quickly."

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Sue's Pick: Decorum by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics

"I chose the Decorum collection by Basic Grey. I loved this fabric collection from the moment it arrived at the shop. I’ve found, though, that when we get multiple new collections in at the same time, sometimes a collection can be overlooked. Decorum is one of those. I just don’t think people are seeing the beauty of these fabrics, so I chose to showcase them and hope you see how lovely the collection is. For this reason, I chose a pattern design that really shows off beautiful fabric. It’s called Broad Strokes and is from the book 3-Yard Quilts on the Double by Donna Robertson and Fran Morgan. Besides being really quick to put together, the pattern works well with large prints. It’s a great pattern for beginners, too!"

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Victoria's Pick: Frankie by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics 

"Frankie by Basic Grey is one of those collections that just bright and cheery. It’s a blend of happy colors and pretty flowers. Both are things I can’t resist. I wanted to use it in a project that I would see every day, especially in the morning. So, I chose to use a placemat pattern that I had just finished designing for my pattern line, Flabby Tabby Designs. The pattern is called Well Dressed. There are two designs in the pattern and both are simple variations on the log cabin block. They work up quickly and dress up your table. It’s nice to have a small project that can be finished quickly and enjoyed right away. It doesn’t always have to be a huge, bed size quilt. Sometimes a small project is just what you need to play with your pretty fabric!"

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