Staff Favorites: Machines, Quilting & Sewing Supplies!

When asked what my favorite tool in my sewing room is, the answer came to my mind immediately. Although, I can’t imagine being without my Creative Grid rulers with their non-slip grip or my Creative Grid rotary cutter, my hands down favorite tool is my Luminaire. I have the Luminaire XP1 upgraded to an XP3. The sewing, embroidery and quilting features on the Luminaire allows for endless creative possibilities!

The Luminaire has wireless LAN capabilities and app-based features for your mobile devices. It has 824 built-in stitches, 15 buttonholes, over 1,500 built-in embroidery designs and 192 Disney character patterns on the tablet-like, intuitive 10.1” LCD color display. The Luminaire owner has a multitude of additional features at their fingertips to explore and utilize.

I have and I continue to enjoy creating on my Luminaire!

Happy Stitchin,



I recently made a Double Irish Chain quilt from an Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day book.

One of the supplies she recommended was fork pins. I suddenly remembered that I had purchased a box and had yet to use them. So, I dug them out and proceeded to try them.

And, oh my, why did I wait so long! I had always pinned my seams with regular pins but the fork pins give you so much more precision! Because of that I had very little seam ripping to do and and got excellent results. My fork pins now set to the right of my machine at all times!




When sewing, a small pair of Karen Buckley scissors are great to cut threads as I go.

I use large spools of Omni thread in a neutral color, they last a long time. I like Clover Flat Head Pins because I can measure over them.

Whether Sewing or Embroidery I like the time and effort saved by using Dime’s Stitch Ripper.

Farmore 6” Double Curved Scissors are wonderful for close trimming in the hoop.

Brother Pre-Wound Bobbins save time and are perfect tension for your embroidery projects.

When I need a temporary adhesive the Sulky KK 2000 holds well and doesn’t make your needle sticky.




To name only one sewing tool that I call my favorite is almost impossible. From my machines to rotary cutters & rulers the possibilities are endless. As I have aged, however, lighting has become a vital tool. I have purchased the Slim Line Light from Sue and use it to bind and sew almost every day. It is amazing!



One of the products that I find very important is the extension table for my machine, Luminaire and Stellaire. I find the extra space gives me support when making any size block or sewing on borders and bindings. Having that extra surface on the front, back and side of the machines give so much more room for any project I’m working one.