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Hello, fellow quilters! Victoria here. Some of you might know me from the Sewing Gallery shop in Princeton, West Virginia. But I’m probably new to many of you. I’m a quilter, anthropologist, and nerd that can’t get enough of pretty fabric. I also run a small pattern line called “Flabby Tabby Designs,” named for my portly cat who likes to sit on top of my sewing machine (or on anything I might be working on). I started designing and writing patterns with beginners in mind because I love watching new quilters discover that they really can do this thing.

Harvey, the flabby tabby in question.

There are a million cute quilt patterns in the world, but often directions are hard to follow or downright confusing for beginners. I wanted to create simple, accessible patterns with easy-to-follow instructions. I write them as if I’m standing there next to you, teaching you the next step. Enjoying the process of sewing your quilt is just as important as enjoying your finished product. If just one person out there discovers that quilting is a joy because of one of my patterns, then, baby, I’ve reached my goal.

What I’m writing here, though, is the first blog on The Sewing Gallery’s site. Here I’ll write about quilting ideas, tips and techniques that hopefully will make your quilting more fun. Because fun is what it’s all about. I’ll also discuss new Flabby Tabby patterns, like my latest called Star-Laced Wings.

Star-Laced Wings, 54 x 54 inches

Star-Laced Wings is available here online and in the shop now. It’s a pretty, little lap quilt with a single repeating block set on point. If you’ve never done a quilt on point, this would be a good place to start. You can completely change the look of a quilt just by rotating a block onto its corner and doing so is easier than it might seem. This quilt uses six fat quarters with an accent fabric to make a jeweled design. I was inspired by the spring arrival of birds in their bright iridescent feathers flashing and sparking in the sunlight. I especially love watching the feathers of hummingbirds seemingly change colors with the angle of sunlight reflection. Star-Laced Wings is also a phrase from a favorite song of mine – We Have Forgotten. This was a constant of my late 90s college life. So, if you are looking for a cutie patootie quilt that works up quickly, this could be the one for you.

Happy Quilting!
--Victoria Hansel-Kuehn
Flabby Tabby Designs

“Dreams, inconsistent angel things.
Horses bred with star-laced wings.
But it's so hard to make them fly, fly, fly.”
--Sixpence None the Richer, 1997.